Synthesis, and Invitro Antihelmintic Activity of Beta - Carboline Derivatives

Carboline, Anthelmintic, Molecular Docking Beta tubulin



Beta-Carboline alkaloids are a heterogeneous group of indole alkaloids that can be either naturally occurring or artificially produced. They exhibit varying degrees of aromaticity and are commonly present in several taxa, including plants, marine organisms, insects, and animals. The main objective of this work is to synthesis and characterize the proposed beta – carboline derivatives and performed invitro Anthelmintic activity using earthworms. Compounds 3 [4-(9H-pyrido[3,4-b] indol-1-yl)phenol (3)] at a concentration of 0.1% exhibited the longest paralysis time of 6.26 ± 0.13 and death time of 8.28 ± 0.18. Further preparation and biological evaluation of these and some more derivatives may lead to the potent drug soon.


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