Preparation and Study of Luminescence Properties of Novel Chalcogenide Niobate Sr2LaNbO6:Xsm3+

Rare earth materials; Sr2LaNbO6: Sm3 ; High-temperature solid-phase method White LED; Orange-red phosphor.



A series of Sr2La1-xNbO6:xSm3+ orange-red phosphors were prepared by a high-temperature solid-phase method, and their physical structure, luminescence properties, fluorescence decay and thermal stability were investigated. It was found that the optimal doping concentration of the samples was x = 0.04, and the concentration burst was mainly attributed to the electric dipole-electric dipole effect. In addition, this orange-red phosphor was not only efficiently excited by near-ultraviolet and blue light to produce orange-red light, the fluorescence lifetime was significantly shortened with the increase of Sm3+ doping concentration. In addition, the colour coordinates of all the samples are located in the orange-red region with high colour purity and low associated colour temperature, and these results indicate that the Sm3+ doped Sr2LaNbO6 orange-red phosphor has a potential application in the field of solid-state lighting.


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